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Image Fantasia Sango – Realm of Legends

Fantasia Sango – Realm of Legends

Release Date 2022-03-29
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Animation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Kensho Ono, Hisako Kanemoto, Mai Nakahara, Makoto Furukawa
Directors Shunsuke Machitani, Shinpei Nagai, Tetsutaro Yui, Morihito Ohara, Emi Katanosaka

When the Three Kingdoms are ravaged by demons and monsters, four heroes with little in common must unite to fight the realm’s most vicious enemies. Together the heroes unveil an insidious conspiracy while sharing the joys and sorrows of battling a mysterious organization intent on tearing them and the kingdoms apart.

1. The Hunters


A ragtag bunch sets out across a nation at war to find and eliminate wangliang, evil spirits that latch onto negativity and turn humans into monsters.

2. Guizhan Attack


The Hunters get word of a wangliang on the rampage, but the telltale miasma is nowhere to be found. A standoffish Xiao Ling strikes out on her own.

3. The Chain Tactic


A traumatic scene at a village triggers something deep within Xiao Ling, who takes on too much miasma and runs amok, endangering all those around her.

4. Band of Brothers


Three blood brothers sworn to save a country at war are torn apart when a shadowy fortuneteller co-opts the youngest for her own nefarious purposes.

5. Traitor


Ding Yan's distrust of Xiao Ling is growing when he reunites with his old Sixth Unit comrades--who happen to have a problematic favor to ask of him.

6. Curse-Heart


When Xiao Ling doesn't recover after her Guizhan duty, the team learns about the curse she bears, then takes a detour in hopes of a way to lift it.

7. Daredevil


Ying Ji and Xiao Ling just can't seem to escape the wangliang that's hunting them. The entire Sixth Unit must work together to take the behemoth down.

8. Cult of the Phoenix


The team visits an insular group that claims to have a remedy for Xun Qiao's deathly ill brother, but they soon realize that something's not right.

9. Sorrowful Song


The truth of the cult is revealed, along with their reasons for wanting Xiao Ling. More revelations come to light as Xun Qiao mourns her dear brother.

10. Lake of Demon Tears


The Hunters enjoy some downtime after their last battle, courtesy of Lady Luozhi. Ying Ji must pay the price for keeping his teammate Xiao Ling safe.

11. The Palace of Fiends


A betrayal is revealed, and the Hunters must once again rescue Xiao Ling after not one, but two villains are dead set on obtaining her curse-heart.

12. The Wangliang Princess


With the birth of "Princess Wangliang", the group will have to take extreme and desperate measures to prevent the Gate of Sorrows from opening.