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Image The Marked Heart

The Marked Heart

Release Date 2022-04-20
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Soap, Mystery
Stars Ana Lucía Domínguez, Michel Brown, Sebastian Martinez, Camilo Amores, Margarita Muñoz

This new Colombian telenovela is about a man who has to watch his wife die and have her heart extracted to give to another woman. He’s out for revenge in the world of organ trafficking.

1. Happiness Isn’t Forever


After a romantic night together, Simón and Valeria are involved in a car crash and she is kidnapped. Camila suffers a heart attack on her wedding day.

2. A Guest Inside My Body


Simón receives an anonymous call about Valeria's whereabouts. Camila starts asking questions about her donor. Zacarías kicks off Cárdenas' campaign.

3. The Search


Sparks fly when Camila and Simón meet by chance. Camila's nightmares fuel her quest to find her donor. Simón takes the investigation into his own hands.

4. That Heart Should Never Have Been Yours


Rentería and Simón follow a clue. Camila visits a shaman. Zacarías focuses on finding a wife for Cárdenas. Samantha meets bad boy Tomás.

5. The Organization


Camila ends up in the hospital. Simón learns about Valeria's last moments through Karla. Sarmiento blackmails Zacarías into making an alliance.

6. No Loose Ends


Simón confronts Dr. Robles. Cárdenas tries to manipulate Greta with a secret from her past. Emotions run high when Camila meets Simón's kids.

7. A Crucial Moment


Camila resorts to hiring a hacker to unearth the truth. Zacarías strikes a deal with Sarmiento. Rentería interrogates Karla.

8. Is My Husband a Killer?


Camila questions her feelings for Simón, as well as Zacarías' involvement in her transplant. Samantha and Tomás meet again. Mariachi hunts for Karla.

9. We’re Here to Change Your Life


Camila confronts Zacarías with her findings. Tomás puts Samantha at great risk. Sarmiento makes a bold move to support Cárdenas' candidacy.

10. The Horrible Truth


Greta and Cárdenas celebrate their wedding. Camila goes to extreme lengths to find the truth about Zacarías. Simón assumes another identity.

11. The Insider


Mariachi gives Checo his first task. Simón realizes his revenge scheme has distanced him from his kids. Zacarías gets into an argument with Cárdenas.

12. The Scar


Influenced by Greta, Cárdenas makes a decision about Zacarías. Camila's scar leads Simón to a painful conclusion.

13. The Next Victim


When Garabato threatens Samantha, she goes looking for Tomás. After having a heart-to-heart with Simón, Camila struggles to make her next move.

14. The Confession


Camila makes a difficult decision. Checo's next assignment leads Simón to the heart of the organization — and to a harrowing discovery.