Áll az alku

Áll az alku
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Áll az alku is the Hungarian version of Deal or No Deal, originally created by a Dutch company. The show airs on TV2, and the host was Gábor Gundel Takács. There are 21 cases used in the format, with a top prize of 50,000,000 forints offered originally and increased to 100,000,000 forints on October 2, 2006 but reduced to 21,000,000 forints in 2009. The show's first version, broadcast in 2004, aired on Friday nights and was a more than two-hour event. The first part of the show consisted of selecting the one player from the audience, set in groups of 20 people, using multiple-choice questions. The group with the most correct answers got progressed to the second round, as well as a 21st person randomly selected from the rest of the groups. In the second round the two best players were selected using further questions. One of these players could opt out at this point, receiving a prize, however, if neither player did, a head-to-head round was played. The winner of this round got to choose one of the 21 metal cases to be their own, with the other twenty eliminated players getting their own cases. The twenty players could also win a part of the money in their cases if they guessed the contents of them correctly before opening them.

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