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Image Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Release Date 2021-09-11
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Ryohei Kimura, Ayaka Asai, Ayumu Murase, Daisuke Ono
Directors Hitomi Yoshida

Fourteen-year-old Suzuki Iruma has just been abandoned and sold to a demon by his irresponsible parents! Surprisingly, the next thing he knows he's living with the demon who has adopted him as his new grandson, and has been transferred into a school in the demon world where his new "demon" grandfather works as the principal. Thus begins the cowardly Iruma-kun's extraordinary school life among the otherworldly as he faces his true self, takes on challenges, and rises to become someone great.

1. The Secret Behind the Ring


Due to very bizarre circumstances, the human boy, Suzuki Iruma, ends up in the netherworld. He is keeping the fact that he is human a secret and attends the Demon School Babyls. Because he is human, he cannot use magic so he had been using the Gluttonous Feeder Ring to get by in school. But then one day, the ring started to speak! Why, though? Iruma then meets the incarnation of the ring who calls themselves Alicred, AKA Ali-san.

2. Ameri's Decision


The Magical Apparatus Battler is put on hiatus due to Kiriwo's absence. Ameri agrees to let them reinstate the Battler, but first, the three members must experience other Battlers. Asmodeus is sent to the New Magic Battler, Clara to the Game Battler, and Iruma joins the student council. Iruma now has to face the grueling training and schedule of the student council. Meanwhile, something sinister is after Ameri...

3. A Lovely Demoness


Someone had done something to change Ameri's personality! She's usually confident and stern, but now, she's now meek and dainty and the student council can't hide the fact that they're not sure how to handle the situation. While all this confusion is going on, Ronove Romiere, the president of the Disciplinary Battler comes to try to steal Ameri's position. He proposes a dissolution election against the student council. Who is behind the changes in Ameri? What will be the result of the election?

4. The Student Council President's Gaze


Ronove declares that he's going to take the position of student council president by holding a dissolution election. But due to a spell that someone has cast, Ameri is unable to be her usual confident self and is very meek. Iruma then tells her something she had told him in the past to try to give her confidence. What kind of speech will Ameri present while all of the attention is on Ronove. What is the emotion that Ameri was able to find deep within her heart?

5. Invite Your Friends!


After finishing his time at with the student council, Iruma finally goes back home. Sullivan is ecstatic that Iruma came home and throws him a welcome home party. He tells Iruma to invite Asmodeus and Clara and they all have a fun time. Sullivan ends up getting last in a dance competition they have and he then conducts a Dark Parade so he can make himself look cool to Iruma...

6. Royal One


Ali-san forces Iruma to go through his evil cycle. His classmates are both in shock and admiration in how much more confident Iruma seems. Meanwhile, Iruma realizes how terrible of an environment the Misfit Class's classroom is, so he proposes something to Kalego. His proposal was to move the Misfit Class to the classroom with the utmost importance at Babyls, the Royal One! Despite the rather sudden and ridiculous request, Kalego agrees if Iruma is able to fulfill certain terms.

7. The Teachers at Babyls


The Misfit Class must gather approved permission slips from all of the faculty members within three days to move to the Royal One. Iruma is currently going through is evil cycle and figures out a plan to have the rest of the Misfit Class members use their abilities to get approvals from the faculty members that might be less likely to say yes to their transfer. The first one to use their ability is Andro M. Jazz! Will Iruma's plan turn out to be a success?

8. The Miracle of Some Fools


With the help of the classmates and others, Iruma and the Misfit Class are able to get approved permission slips from all of the teachers and appear before Kalego. However, Kalego doesn't seem to want to stamp his own seal. He then points out something they missed in their agreement. Iruma and the Misfit Class were about to give up their transfer to the Royal One, when there's a knock on the faculty room door...

9. Studying in the Netherworld


The students are about to welcome their version of summer vacation! The Misfit Class is super excited but then, they're reminded that if they don't do well on the end of terminus exams, they'll have to stay for supplementary classes during their break. To avoid that from happening, they all want to avoid failing. But Iruma is a human and has very little knowledge concerning netherworld wisdom. To avoid failing, Iruma works with Asmodeus and Clara to study!

10. Balam's Lesson


The instructor for the study of imaginary beasts, Balam Shichiro, can't help but touch any living creature he comes in contact with. Because he looks rather terrifying, the students are generally pretty scared of him. During class, Balam notices that Iruma doesn't have wings on his back. If it's found out that Iruma is a human in the netherworld, only trouble awaits. But despite all of this, Iruma says the most surprising thing to Balam...

11. End-of-Terminus Exams / Girls' Talk


The end-of-terminus exams are finally upon them! Will Iruma and the rest of the Misfit Class be able to avoid failing and having to take supplementary classes? Meanwhile, Ameri is excited for her usual reading session with Iruma when she's suddenly visited by Clara. Clara then drags Ameri off to meet with Elizabetta and Keroli and they have some girls' time. They start talking about relationships and things start to oddly heat up...

12. Kalego-sensei's Home Visit


Kalego is forced to go visit all of the homes of the Misfit Class due to Sullivan's orders. He wants to get this over with as soon as possible but considering how unique all of his students and their families are, he has trouble finishing this quickly. He finally gets to Iruma's home, which is Sullivan's mansion, and he seems to be on guard. It appears that there's somewhere here who he's known since high school, and...

13. Walter Park


The Misfit Class finally gets to go to Walter Park on their vacation. Kalego, Balam, and Opera go as their bodyguards and chaperones while Ameri thinks Iruma is asking her on a date and also joins in. They split up into three teams and see which team can have the most fun at the amusement park!

14. Everyone's Playmates


Walter Park is filled with so many fun things! All of the students do their best to have the most fun so that their team can win their competition. Clara and Opera's team has fun trying on cute clothes, and Jazz and Kalego's team tries their hand at shooting games. Each team happens to meet members of the Walter Park staff and continue to have fun. Iruma and Balam's team is joined by Ronove but Iruma ends up having too much fun and getting lost and ends up going down a shady looking alley!

15. Magical Beasts Attack


The Walter Park staff that Iruma and his friends had encountered were actually the terrorist group, the Six Fingers, who planned to destroy the park. The Six Fingers set three giant magical beasts loose on the park. The whole park is filled with fear and chaos. Jazz and the others on the Kalego team faces off with one of the beasts for some hands-on training. Meanwhile, Kiriwo's plan to escape from the prison below the park seems to be going smoothly.

16. The Name of This Feeling


Three giant magical beasts appear in Walter Park. Iruma, Asmodeus, and the others band together to face off with these creatures that ruined their fun day! Opera and Ameri fight against the giant rat while Jazz and his group are having some trouble dealing with the giant bull. He as well as other members in his group such as Lead and Camui don't have abilities suited for fighting, but Jazz comes up with a plan to turn things around!

17. The Ultimate Halberd


The Balam team is trying to get to safety after saving some kids who weren't able to escape on their own in time. But then Asmodeus and Sabnock decide to fight the carmine dragon without telling anyone else. The two end up competing each other and fight the beast with their familiars. While they're fighting, Asmodeus ends up putting himself in great danger. What will come of the fight against Asmodeus, Sabnock, and the carmine dragon?

18. My Desire


The 3 giant magical beasts combine to form an even bigger magical beast. Ronove uses his Charisma in order to draw the beasts attack into a different direction, but... As soon as the magical beast lets out its attack, Iruma and Ali-san step right in front of it! Everyone is panicked at Iruma's rather reckless move. How will this battle end? Meanwhile, Kiriwo manages to escape from prison and it becomes clear as to which demon assisted him.

19. Clara's House


Iruma couldn't get home after being named the hero who saved Walter Park and being hounded by the press, which leads to him and Asmodeus spending the night at Clara's house. Clara's house is located in Hubbub Forest, which is also home to various strange plants and creatures. Clara's family welcomes them with open arms and then they all go into the forest to find some ingredients for their meal. According to Mommy, the ultimate ingredient resides in Hubbub Forest...

20. Dream Date


Ameri carefully plans out her date with Iruma by going through guidebooks and her favorite manga, "First Love Memories." They are finally going on their date that she'd been dreaming of! They end up going to Aqua Case, an aquarium that is also a waterpark! Ameri tries to make various exciting things happen on the date with her secret plan, but everything she tries doesn't seem to be backfiring, and...

21. The One Who Rules Over the Netherworld


The end of terminus enters its final days. Iruma safely finishes his homework and is invited by Sullivan to go to Magical Street along with Opera. They browse around picking up things Iruma will need for his new school term. Iruma happens to overhear some demons talking and then asks Sullivan about the Demon King, since he is one of the most qualified individuals to become Demon King. What exactly does it mean to be the Demon King, the most powerful being in the netherworld?